Basic Leader Bronze Leader Silver Leader Gold Leader Expert Leader
Daily Earning1.5 %2.0 %2.3 %2.6 %3.0 %
Min. Deposit0.001BTC0.01BTC1.0BTC10.0BTC20.0BTC
Deposit Terms200Days200Days200Days200Days200Days
Principal Return
Binary Network
Binary Bonus5.0%7.5%10.0%12.5%15.0%
1st Levels DownlinesNo LimitNo LimitNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Referral Commissions
Level: 1st10.0%10.0%10.0%10.0%10.0%
Levels: 2nd - 5th1.0%2.0%2.0%2.0%
Levels: 6th - 10th1.0%2.0%2.0%
Levels: 11th - 15th1.0%2.0%
Levels: 16th - 20th1.0%
Referrals' Deposit*0.0BTC 0.01BTC 1.0BTC 10.0BTC 20.0BTC
*The optional way to become our Leader without making much of a deposit is by identifying qualified referrals.